Imran Haq

Imran graduated from the University of Toronto in 2007. He completed post graduate education at the Rotman School of Management and now works as a Manager at a Lighting and Electrical Components manufacturing firm. He volunteers part time at the Al Huda Institute as the Organizational Development Co-ordinator and Head of Public Relations, and part-time khatīb.

You can follow him on Twitter @imran_imran

Read his articles here.

Omar Usman

Omar works full time in the Healthcare/IT consulting and project management field. He is a founding member of, a founding member of Qalam Institute, and helps manage projects and web development for Bayyinah Institute. He is a regular khatīb in the Dallas area and a father of 3.

You can follow him on Twitter @ibnabeeomar or his personal blog.

Read his articles here.


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  1. john Sickler

    ASAK Sorry I hadn’t come across this site earlier. My colleague and I have arranged Islamic financing for several dozen community centers from CA to MA and MN to FL

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