The 2 Secrets to Successful Delegation


Volunteers and leaders struggle with successfully delegating tasks to free themselves up to do more work. Here are two essential tips to make sure you delegate properly. Trust is empowering. You have to trust the person you are delegating to. Once you trust them, they should be empowered to do the job – not constantly looking over their shoulder. The … Read More

Omar UsmanThe 2 Secrets to Successful Delegation

Quickreads: Always Jumping to Negative Conclusion

Jumping to negative conclusions when anything is said or done by others is not only a sin, but a very bad disease. It creates problems & mistrust from non-existent matters. It makes a person habitually think that whatever others do or say is for a bad reason rather than a good one. This adds absolutely unnecessary tension in peoples lives … Read More

Omar UsmanQuickreads: Always Jumping to Negative Conclusion

Quickreads: You Can’t Lead If…

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Leadershipfreak/status/202432706028650496″] A lot of times people seek out leadership opportunities as a means of escape. Difficulties at home? Avoid the family by trying to run the masjid. This is a very negative view on things, but unfortunately it is a complaint we’ve heard from people in many different communities. The knee-jerk reaction is to pin yourself in a corner. … Read More

Omar UsmanQuickreads: You Can’t Lead If…

Quickreads: The True Role of Masjid Management

  @simonsinek so true. I’d like to add: …and the freedom to make mistakes. — Steve Suhrheinrich (@stevesuhr) January 23, 2012 True management focuses their efforts on how best to make the community feel involved. A welcoming environment is a start, but there has to be a next step that includes people having the ability to help out in ways … Read More

Omar UsmanQuickreads: The True Role of Masjid Management

Quickreads: Meetings


 From Seth Godin, When a building is burning down, fireman coordinate their actions, make decisions and save lives. They do this without Aeron desk chairs or Dunkin Donuts. They do it without subcommittees, McKinsey studies or input from the boss in another city. To quote Al Pittampalli, “why bother going to a meeting if you’re not prepared to change your … Read More

Omar UsmanQuickreads: Meetings

Quickreads: But I’m Not Good With People

Here’s a little nugget I learned from Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership workshop– Being good with people is an acquired skill. No doctor ever holds up a baby and says, “This one’s good with people.” There’s a difference between knowing yourself and challenging yourself. A true leader knows what is changeable and works on it. A true leader is constantly growing his … Read More

Omar UsmanQuickreads: But I’m Not Good With People

Quickreads: Better to Work and Fail Than to Not Work At All


It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again … Read More

Omar UsmanQuickreads: Better to Work and Fail Than to Not Work At All

Quickreads: Working Smarter equals Working Harder

In order to better our productivity, better the quality of our work, or advance our self development, we often spend a lot of time looking, searching and studying to find the best strategy to do so.  We pour over internet articles to help us find the best way to accomplish the task at hand.  Everything from scouring the blogs of … Read More

Imran HaqQuickreads: Working Smarter equals Working Harder

Quickreads: How do you look at your work?

Do you find yourself working away, always feeling busy, but rarely feeling accomplished?  Change your perspective from “doing work” because you have to, to “getting things done” because you want to.  When you’re “doing work” you subconsciously plug away doing only as much as you have to, for only as long as you need to. When you start to focus … Read More

Imran HaqQuickreads: How do you look at your work?