Donating Jobs Instead of Money?

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Charity? No Thanks!

Our community is full of business owners. Instead of asking them to donate to the poor, why not ask them to provide guaranteed jobs to them instead? By working for their money, the poor gain skills and experience that can lead to a proper career, helping them become self-sufficient contributors to society.

Do the Math.

Minimum wage in the US is $7.25 per hour. If a business owner agrees to give a needy person a job for 6 months, that’s a donation of about $7,540. But let’s not forget the recipient will be doing work for the donor, making it a mutually beneficial deal. The needy person could learn important skills on the job like simple English, how to work a cash register, how to paint, or how to drive a truck. These are skills they wouldn’t be able to learn otherwise, leaving them with little alternative to begging. Armed with a résumé, they could go on to find work elsewhere after the 6 months are up, or even sooner.

Teach a Man to Fish.

We all know the saying, but are we applying it? Dedicated local organizations could act as a liaison between employers and the needy. They could ask business owners for donations in the form of jobs and then put the right needy individual in the right job.

What do you think? Has anyone already done this?

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