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Now we get into the elusive secret sauce of organizational success. You can take tools and policy and procedure and ideas only so far. There is a missing ingredient, without which much of your effort and plans and goals will end in frustrations. First and foremost, we know that we need the help of Allah swt and before we undertake any type of effort, we must ask for His assistance.

After you have done this, the next critical piece of the equation is aggregating talent. You must create a world class team if you intend to success. That’s right. World class. You cannot expect success if you have not assembled the greatest minds you can get your hands on. You can have the greatest plays ever designed, but if you don’t have the athletes, you wont be able to effectively run those plays. In fact, if i had to choose between great plays and great players, I would take the talent any day.

This holds as true in all other walks of life. It is better to assemble a great group of people, and less important to figure out what to do with them. If you put great people in the same room, and leave, you will find that they will come up with great ideas on their own.

So, in order to create the best results the first action you need to take is to get the best talent you can get you hands on. The results you are looking for will flow from this talent.

Some advice when it comes to aggregating talent: Talent likes to work with talent. They are like magnets for each other. Once you get a core team together, you will find it easier to attract others. Talent generally doesn’t like to be micromanaged. So don’t try to assemble the talent and then think you can tell them what to do. Cut them loose and trust that they will deliver. Plus, this frees you up for other work. Trust me, they will exceed you expectations.

How do you know talent? Sorry, this is where it gets slippery. You either know or you don’t. There is very little I can say that will help you. It really depends on the work you are trying to get done. The criteria for keeping the accounts reconciled are different from that of motivating the youth. They generally need to be optimistic and realistic, confident and humble, rational but with a soft heart, difficult on themselves but easy on others. Ultimately they need to be creative and be able to deliver. Yes, I know that didn’t help. I hope that you will know it when you see it.

Building a great team is a prerequisate for institutional success. Purify your intention, ask for His assistance, and May Allah swt give you success in your effort.

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