The Muslim Strategic Initiative is an idea, a think tank, a movement, a consultancy and more than anything, a blog. MSI covers topics in professional and organizational development as they relate to work in Muslim organizations.  Born out of  a desire to raise the bar for Islamic institutions, we aim to increase awareness and action about organizational development in the Muslim charity, student group, non-profit, and Masjid space.

Increasingly, both individuals and groups, have recognized and begun to focus on the need to increase productivity and professionalism amongst Muslim organizations. We believe that to practice our work at the level it requires,  the level of ihsan (excellence), we need more than tips, tricks and a dash of mentoring.  Our work, whether as leaders or part-time volunteers, is challenging and unique. We feel that a clear, fresh, and creative strategy is required for success.

We look forward to your participation in this initiative.   Whether you want to offer your help, support, feedback, criticism, or just want to slam us for being know it all’s, we want to hear it.  This site will be better for it. It is our goal to create an environment in which we constantly challenge ourselves to improve in a constructive manner.

If you’re still reading this, you may have a few questions.  No worries, we think we have the answers for you.

So, who made you guys experts?

We (the contributors to this website) are heavily involved with organizational development.  Both at our Clark Kent jobs, and also while we’re wearing our Superman capes working with Islamic organizations. We are also actively soliciting input and feedback from as many Imams and other recognized community leaders as possible.

Where do you get your content from?

Umm… Wikipedia?

And other sources such as books, trade publications, and continuing education courses.  We work hard to study and apply the concepts we write about.  We learn from experience, extensive self-study curricula and are both in the process of acquiring formal qualifications in the field.  Our goal is to take the wealth of knowledge that already exists and make it relevant to Muslim organizations.

If you are still curious, you can read our bios here.

All of your fancy talk is great, but get real, this stuff doesn’t work in the real world with uncles ruling Masjid boards and rebel MSA kids running amok.

That wasn’t a question, but we’ll answer it anyways.  After watching so many organizations fail to change for so long, it’s fair to be a wee bit incredibly skeptical.  From our consulting experiences, things are changing.  The more people demand high standards, the more masjids/educational institutes/MSA’s/other random Muslim charities are forced to produce better results.  There comes a tipping point where the old ways don’t work anymore and a new strategy is required.  A strategy that works for Muslims.  Dare we call it a Muslim Strategic Initiative?

So I love your content, and want to do everything you say. How do I make it all work?

Make Dua.

Then buy us chocolate.

Then make more dua.  The application of strategy, and change management is a long, slow process.  Educating yourself and learning about your own organization will enable you to be successful.

Have a question we haven’t answered?

That’s nice.

(Ask it and we’ll answer it for you.)


6 Comments on “Manifesto”

  1. Kamil Ahmed

    I love your website and i think it is great that we have a source of such knowledge in today’s day! 

  2. Muhammed

    The blog has been incredibly helpful, jazakallah khair. Would love to see some posts highlighting best practices/proven successes in communities across the US; I’m sure you guys have examples in your own locales or have learned of others over the years.

    1. Enosh

      great idea.

      I think sharing on what different masaajid do well across the country would be very insightful iA.

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