Possible Solutions to the Masjid Parking Problem

Familiar scene for most Muslims on Eid day

There’s only one real solution – plan ahead, cut costs elsewhere (like the 3rd and 4th dome on your masjid), and build a gigantic parking lot. If your prayer hall can hold 500 people, but you can open up classrooms and multipurpose spaces to accommodate a juma prayer of about 750, then build a masjid with 750 parking spots.

Sadly, that level of planning (and common sense) seems to elude our communities.

So we recently posed this question on Twitter

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Here are some of the responses we got.

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Towing has become the ultimate empty threat. I think it takes about 2 cars to be towed to fix most problems, but despite the strong threatening rhetoric of most board members, they lack the backbone to actually do it.

Posting pictures of offending cars is tempting though. It would need to be done meme style to have proper effect-

Familiar scene for most Muslims on Eid day

We also received this hopeless response:

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The parking situation is in such dire straits that that we’ve lost all confidence in anyone bringing forth a sensible solution – lots of dua (and a miracle) is the only thing left. In fact, it has reached such epidemic proportions that some people simply opt to stay home rather than deal with it.

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Sadly, the most sensible responses we got are also perhaps the least likely to ever happen.

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Omar Usman is a founding member of MuslimMatters, Qalam Institute, Muslim Strategic Initiative, and Debt Free Muslims. He is a regular khateeb and has served in different administrative capacities in various national and local Islamic organizations. He works full time in the corporate field, is a PMP, and certified Leadership Trainer through the John Maxwell Team. You can follow him on on Twitter @ibnabeeomar, and check out his latest project - The Fiqh of Social Media.

Omar UsmanPossible Solutions to the Masjid Parking Problem

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