Professionalizing Masjid Leadership Part 4 – Transparency

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Guest post by Br. Maher Budeir of the Roswell Community Masjid in Atlanta, GA.  Leadership models vary from one institution to another. In looking at the challenges we face, we find that most of the challenges may be mitigated by instituting the following four principles: 1) Separation of Powers, 2) How We Make Decisions, 3) Accountability, and 4) Transparency. This series will explore each of those principles. 

4. Transparency

Institutions not only fail to be genuinely transparent, but most don’t even see or recognize how critically important this is to running a successful organization.  This element is connected to all three elements and is indirectly tied to the long term sustainability of organizational success. If an organization succeeds in developing a culture of transparency, then accountability is almost a given as a variety of stakeholders will have a view of who is doing what.  Many would say: our accountability and transparency is ultimately towards Allah, our creator.  However that does not by any means minimizes the need to be transparent of accountable to all stakeholders.  Actually, one can argue that adopting these elements among ourselves is a manifestation of us believing in the ultimate accountability in front of our creator.

The real value of transparency, however, is in what it allows us to do as leaders.  It gives us a tool to make sure we are following adequate protocol, it reminds us to screen matters internally, and it causes us to be cautious in the matters of the community.  It reminds us to be diligent in consulting the proper experts before making the decision.   It helps the community have a reasonable view of what it takes to carry the responsibility. It helps develop the genuine democratic process that lies at the heart of governance in a manner consistent with Muslim values.

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