Quickreads: First Khutbah of Abu Bakr After Being Elected Leader

“O People! I have been put in authority over you and I am not the best of you. So if I do the right thing and help me. If I do wrong then put me straight. Truthfulness is a sacred trust and lying is a betrayal. The weak amongst you is strong in my sight. I will surely try to remove his pain and suffering. And the strong amongst you is weak to me I will ā€“ Allah willing ā€“ realize the right from him fully. When obscene things spread among any nation, calamities generally continued to descend upon them. As long as I obey Allah and His messenger, you should obey me, and if I do not obey Allah and His messenger, then obedience to me is not incumbent upon you. Now stand for the prayer.”

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Omar Usman is a founding member of MuslimMatters, Qalam Institute, Muslim Strategic Initiative, and Debt Free Muslims. He is a regular khateeb and has served in different administrative capacities in various national and local Islamic organizations. He works full time in the corporate field, is a PMP, and certified Leadership Trainer through the John Maxwell Team. You can follow him on on Twitter @ibnabeeomar, and check out his latest project - The Fiqh of Social Media.

Omar UsmanQuickreads: First Khutbah of Abu Bakr After Being Elected Leader

5 Comments on “Quickreads: First Khutbah of Abu Bakr After Being Elected Leader”

  1. Muhammed

    How was Abu Bakr elected leader after the Prophet of Allah continuously reiterated the succesorship of Ali ibn Abu Talib. See Ghadir Khum…

  2. Faisal Mirza

    Those who abuse the Sahaba are the outcome of combination of Ibne Saba’s fitna and the defeated Persians. Look up history and you will know.

  3. Shafi

    How can eesa bin maryam lead prayers in presence of Amir ul mumineen mahdi. Mahdi offers lead of prayer to eesa. Prophet didn’t do it, Ali didn’t do it as Amir ul mumineen. Mahdi is doing it as per authentic narration of sirat ul mustaqeem 2 Shia hadith no.257. Mahdi is making eesa New Amir ul mumineen. Leader of Muslims need not be from progeny of Ali and fathima

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