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Much of the rhetoric we hear about youth in our masajid orients around how to involve them and to what level. In my personal experience, I have heard the same discussion on this issue for over the last 10 years without any resolution. This stagnation has contributed to the worsening problem of masajid being unequipped to handle […]

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Ultimate Guide to Logistics For Islamic Organizations

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series The Ultimate Guide to Logistics For Islamic OrganizationsDisclosure: This post contains affiliate links – meaning we receive a commission if you sign up for these services by following the link on this page. We only link to things that we actually utilize and recommend, there […]


Click here to download this article in PDF format. Leveraging Social Enterprise to Generate Alternate Revenue for Mosques Introduction As Islamic Organizations have grown and evolved in the North American context, since their establishment almost 100 years ago, the current scope of work is radically different than it was when the organizations were first established.  Where […]


When we think of characteristics of a strong leader, they usually orient around qualities like assertiveness, confidence, and talent. How is it then, that vulnerability is so important? Our boards and administrations are seemingly in a race to be the best. But not the right kind of best. How much of this rhetoric sounds familiar (even […]

The Secret To Good Decision Making

Every Islamic organization struggles with tough decisions. Should we host a particular event? Invite a particular speaker? Hire a certain person? Buy this land? Rent a facility? The sad thing is that in Islamic work, the secret to good decision isn’t really a secret. It’s just a lost art. Or rather, an abandoned sunnah. Chalk this […]


Phil Cooke lays out the problem most non-profits face, …The problem is, they’re asking for money, not sharing a vision. Look at your media presentations, videos, live events, print materials, and in-person contacts. What do they say? What story are they telling? It’s not enough just to show the great work you’re doing and then […]

How masjid politics get started…

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Insight from a Board Member

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Insight from a Board Member“Keep us on the Straight Path” One of the consistent complaints most communities have is the lack of youth activities and youth participation. This will be one of the easier blogs to write. It is somewhat of a checklist. In order […]

  @simonsinek so true. I’d like to add: …and the freedom to make mistakes. — Steve Suhrheinrich (@stevesuhr) January 23, 2012 True management focuses their efforts on how best to make the community feel involved. A welcoming environment is a start, but there has to be a next step that includes people having the ability […]


We recently came across this excellent talk by Imam Joe Bradford on how to make Family Friendly Masjids. This is a great follow up to our previous video on defining what the true purpose of the masjid should be.  How do we make our Masjids Family Friendly? Do we offer the types of services that […]