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Slate raised the issue of the salaries of religious clergy highlighting salaries of Priests and Rabbis. Data about Imam salaries was (un)surprisingly hard to find. The topic of imams’ salaries is for some reason a touchy one, but it is not a complicated issue if approached objectively. We have previously discussed what to look for […]


There’s two primary types of fundraising in the Muslim community (generally speaking). The first is the fundraising that occurs for a community whether it be their building, operations, school, events, or something else of that nature. It’s already assumed that every single musalla¬†in existence has a framed picture of a blueprint that they’re constantly fundraising […]


We previously asked: What is your organization’s true objective and how do you measure it? One of the comments laid out a few different ideas. We’ve presented some of them here in hopes that it can further the discussion on having more clarity in regards to the outcomes of what we do within our organizations. […]


This applies as much to an employee as it does to a volunteer: People do not receive the recognition they deserve for their efforts. People need acceptance, approval (belonging), appreciation, attention, and affection (a pat on the back). Islamic organizations often struggle at retaining human resources precisely because leadership forgets about positive reinforcements. If you […]


Nearly every youth group suffers from the same predicament. They are told to rally themselves, get together, and host some programs. The mantra of “for the youth, by the youth” is spoken on the lips of every masjid board member. Except, when it actually comes time to do it, the youth are left standing there […]

Video: Practical Steps for Youth Involvement Part 1
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This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Youth InvolvementThis is an interview with youth director AbdelRahman Murphy. The video covers how to get the youth involved, and practical steps to serving their needs in our communities.


What’s truly important to your community? Is it family programs? Is it education? Perhaps the talking point in your community is the ever elusive youth involvement. So if that’s the case, then here’s how you can measure whether you are true to what you say or not. How much money was raised for construction and […]


Building Self-Sufficient Mosques, by¬†Mohammed Ashour Year after year, the overwhelming majority of our mosques dedicate a full hour during the busiest night of Ramadan in order to collect donations from congregants. Oftentimes, it is the same Imam making the same plea to the same people, and surprisingly enough, for the same amount of money that […]

Chinese symbol for unity
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This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series Leading VolunteersIt goes without saying that most Islamic organizations suffer from a lack of unity. There are 3 main causes of disunity within Islamic organizations: Poor Communication Gossip (highlighted due to its prevalence in our communities) Lack of a Shared Purpose [Video: Role of the […]

Familiar scene for most Muslims on Eid day

There’s only one real solution – plan ahead, cut costs elsewhere (like the 3rd and 4th dome on your masjid), and build a gigantic parking lot. If your prayer hall can hold 500 people, but you can open up classrooms and multipurpose spaces to accommodate a juma prayer of about 750, then build a masjid […]