Purpose of the Masjid: How to Be Family Friendly


We recently came across this excellent talk by Imam Joe Bradford on how to make Family Friendly Masjids. This is a great follow up to our previous video on defining what the true purpose of the masjid should be. ¬†How do we make our Masjids Family Friendly? Do we offer the types of services that cater to all stakeholders in … Read More

Omar UsmanPurpose of the Masjid: How to Be Family Friendly

The Memory That Matters


ave you ever had a bad experience at a restaurant? Chances are you don’t remember what your bill was. You probably don’t remember the waiter’s name. You may not even remember what you ordered. The only thing you remember is being disrespected, or having your food brought out late, or something to that effect. People dislike others because of bad … Read More

Omar UsmanThe Memory That Matters