Nouman Ali Khan: A Different Masjid Vision in Action

Nouman Ali Khan addressing the congregation at a new masjid in Euless, TX [Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex area] with his vision for the community and masjid: This is not theory. This is not how things should be done. It’s an actual vision in action. A few key highlights: No aggressive fundraising. Masjids should be started with the purpose of having a … Read More

Omar UsmanNouman Ali Khan: A Different Masjid Vision in Action

The Secret To Motivating Volunteers


The secret to motivating volunteers is to tie their work into the core mission of your organization. A volunteer will never get involved unless they truly believe that this organization is making some kind of positive impact. This impact could be humanitarian, educational, social, or political – among others. Whatever the case may be, in the volunteer’s mind this organization … Read More

Omar UsmanThe Secret To Motivating Volunteers

Stop Asking for Money


Phil Cooke lays out the problem most non-profits face, …The problem is, they’re asking for money, not sharing a vision. Look at your media presentations, videos, live events, print materials, and in-person contacts. What do they say? What story are they telling? It’s not enough just to show the great work you’re doing and then ask for money. Perhaps more … Read More

Omar UsmanStop Asking for Money