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After much thought, deliberation, shura, and planning, we’ve finally launched! The Muslim Strategic Initiative is a fresh new approach to organizational development for Muslim Organizations.  Whether you’re part of a Masjid board, a community oriented non-profit, or a university MSA we think we can help you.  Actually, we really, really want to help you.  In short, our goal is to raise the bar of professionalism, efficiency, and utilization of best practices across the Muslim sector.

If you want to read more about what we do and why we’re here, check out our manifesto.  What kind of content can you expect from us in the coming months and years and decades? Here’s what we’re thinking: How about videos from internationally recognized scholars explaining both the ins and outs and manners required to work in an Islamic Organization?  How about podcasts interviewing some of the most successful Muslims and Islamic Organizations in North America?  How about articles explaining business and strategy as it relates to Islamic work?  How about case studies to make sure your well intentioned work doesn’t run off the rails at the last moment? How about seminars and courses to help you excel at the work you love doing?  How do e-books sound?  In short – we want to help  make you the high performer you want to be, and help your organization soar.  I hope it all sounds good because we have a lot going on and are really excited to finally bring this project live.

Okay, so that’s probably enough shameless self-promotion for one post.  Stay tuned, tell your friends, come back often and be sure to tell us what you think!

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Imran HaqWelcome to MSI!

One Comment on ““Welcome to MSI!”

  1. AbuHaafidh

    Sounds pretty cool! I’m working as a volunteer designer and social marketer for Islamic Relief Malaysia, and hoping to be hired into their team, inshaAllaah. Looking forward to learning more from you guys.

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