Yaser Birjas: Practice What You Preach

Yaser Birjas: Practice What You Preach
This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Quran Weekly: Yaser Birjas' Advice to Activists

7 minute video at bottom.

One of the most difficult things to deal with as an activist is the feeling of hypocrisy.

You sometimes feel like you might be doing things with the wrong intention, or you are not as good as people make you out to be.

O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do? (61:2)

The challenge is balancing activism with our personal worship.

We will never be perfect, but we need to achieve human perfection. That means struggling and repenting to Allah for our shortcomings.

Don’t become disheartened. Don’t let Shaytan take you down to such a level that you stop working.

Ibn Taymiyyah said the ayah above is about people who lie about what they do. It is for the person who is happy with not doing what they preach.

If you are struggling to lead a good spiritual lifestyle, but struggle and trip up – keep working. Keep asking forgiveness.

The important thing is to have faith, to practice good deeds, and dawah. If you fail in one, don’t stop the other one.

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Omar UsmanYaser Birjas: Practice What You Preach

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